November 18th, 2014


After announcing his “No Reason” national tour last week, Bay Area producer Giraffage too to Reddit yesterday for an “Ask Me Anything” session with fans and followers. A number of subjects were covered including his college days, his recent tour with Porter Robinson, and even Adventure Time. We learned a lot about Charlie Yin yesterday and we’ve compiled our list of the top 10 things we learned about Giraffage below.

1. empw: How cool is A-Trak? Is he a sweet label boss?

Giraffage: A-trak is the shit and cool as ice!! Its cool actually seeing him hop on a bunch of emails and calls and whatnot even though he’s probably the busiest dude ever!


2. Chukamaru: Who is better at DDR? You or Porter Robinson?

Giraffage: Porter is way better at DDR than i am. I can only make it through butterfly on easy ;__;

3. Lutefarm: Do you significantly change your songs from their album versions to be played live?

Giraffage: Yes i definitely try to! I always love it when i see shows and hear songs that i recognize but are totally different from the album versions. Especially in the producer world where its mostly just one dude standing up there behind a table, it can get boring fast if you’re just listening to the album and watching some dude sway back and forth.


4. Speedranga: How do your parents feel about your career choice? Also, why did you go to UC Berkeley instead of Berkelee?

Giraffage: They were sketched out at first because they’re very traditional asian parents that emigrated from taiwan to the states 30 years ago. to have their son graduate from college and then immediately become a full time bedroom producer must’ve been terrifying and enraging for them but i think after they saw i was able to support myself and live comfortably financially they were cool with it.

i’m super lucky to have the parents that i do and they’re 100% supportive of what i’m doing now and have even come to a few of my shows!

i went to uc berkeley instead of berklee because i am not classically trained in the slightest and would’ve been laughed out of the admissions office at berklee, with tears streaming down my face as i run back home to my makeshift bedroom studio.


5. Namtsua: My question for you is which track, on your upcoming ep, are you most proud of?

Giraffage: I’m really proud of “tell me” and also the title track “hello”. very stoked for y’all to hear it :’)

6. Willburbeck: Whats your favorite episode of adventure time?

Giraffage: The one where he’s scared of water and when the water droplet splashes into his face it gets all crazy scrunched up.


7. Clairb3ar: What is your favorite pokemon? What is your favorite cartoon?

Giraffage: pikachu/jigglypuff. favorite cartoon is the simpsons!


8. Nickolitis: What do you have to say about today’s modern generation? IMO EDM and the like is today’s equivalent to the hippies but there is no “message” behind our movement like there was for the Woodstock generation. I’d just like to hear your two cents and thanks!

Giraffage: It’s more socially acceptable to be weird and to be yourself these days now more than ever and i love that. i don’t think there’s necessarily “no message” but rather it’s not overtly clear what our message really is. i think with shit like the internet and technology really facilitating human communication, there’s so many drastic changes and theres bound to be a “message” we can really see in retrospect a few generations later


9 Ssflyer: What was your experience like at Lynbrook? Being a recent graduate, I can’t help but think that the competitive nature of that school had some kind of affect on you.

Giraffage: I was not involved in high school at all. i think i snuck out of every single mandatory rally and pretty sure most people thought i was weird af.


10. T4mtrum: what memory from the worlds tour stands out the most for you?

Giraffage: Playing the bill graham auditorium in san francisco was crazy to me because 1. my parents were there and 2. i saw blink 182 play the same venue like half a year ago and i would’ve never thought i would be on that same stage.

Giraffage will commence his North American “No Reason” Tour in January with his final play in L.A. at El Rey Theatre with Spazzkid on February 28th. Tickets for the show are now on sale so swoop them up before they’re gone!