February 27th, 2014

Most great artists show the creative spark early on in life and when thats sparks is fostered by a supportive creative community it transforms into blazing flames. IHEARTCOMIX and Check Yo Ponytail Visualist, Demonbabies, was part of one such community back in the early to mid-90’s and once this motley crew acquired a video camera the documentation began. The epitome of a video variety show, 30 Minutes of Madness incorporated random crazy antics spliced with hilarious sketches that was initially created for the enjoyment of those involved but grew into something much larger, a lifestyle!


Outsider teenagers grew into disfunctional adults living in the nostalgia of a TV show that molded them more than they’d care to admit. Now, Jerry White Jr., creator of the 90s Public Access TV Show 30 MINUTES OF MADNESS, returns to their hometown in Michigan to film one last episode of the show documented in the feature length documentary 20 Years of Madness! A touching story reminding us of those golden years where we all seemed invincible, this film captures the essence of adolescent friendship and the undying urge to find closure on a project that continues to haunt them. They need your help to see this documentary come to life and have started a Kickstarter to help raise the finishing funds for this fantastic film. Watch some bonus behind-the-scenes footage from the documentary entitled What is 30 Minute of Madness?  and donate to their Kickstarter below!