fbpx Songs of the Week: Sad Times – IHEARTCOMIX
January 22nd, 2016

These past two weeks artists, have been releasing music that is coming from their souls … their deep, dark, and sad souls. Why? Probably because it’s winter and Mercury is still in retrograde. Just kidding it’s the lean.

Arizona – “Let me Touch Your Fire” (Snowmass Remix)

You know when you’re thinking about someone and missing them and your weather app threatened rain so you just press your face up to the cool glass of your office window and watch the fog roll in? This song is that, like when you’re overcome with nostalgia and you’re sad-horny. Maybe you pick up your phone and text “I miss u” to your dad because you have misplaced emotions. Then he calls you like “I still don’t understand texting please just call the land line,” and you just want to samurai-sword your own stomach. It’s a great song.


Future  – “Wicked” prod. by Metro Boomin and Southside

Purple Reign came out this week and it’s so good that I’m scared for Future’s life.


Remy Kay – “Looking Out”

Remy Kay is an emerging artist hailing from the suburbs of Southern California and she just released her debut EP In The Mourning out on New Los Angeles. “Looking Out” reminds you of the time when you just want to be alone because you just need a break away from the outside world.


Dude York – “Lose Control”

Pop group Dude York switches things up with “Lose Control” and shows off their post-rock angsty side.


Lust For Youth – “Stardom”

Wait … don’t be sad though because there’s new music from Lust For Youth. Go ahead and blare “Stardom” and fuck shit up in slow motion.


Kanye West ft. Kendrick Lamar “No More Parties In LA” prod. by Madlib

Yes, it’s the triple threat that everyone’s been praying for. You’re going to be hearing everyone yelling out “NO MORE PARTIES IN LA” ironically while getting ready for the club. But I feel sad Kanye when he said “I was uninspired since Lauryn Hill retired.” Me too Kanye…me too.