A$AP Rocky Trips the F*ck Out in New Video “LSD”

May 21st, 2015

A$AP Rocky Trips the F*ck Out in New Video “LSD”


You ever had to babysit to a group of freaks taking three tabs of acid each, only to have it erupt in chaos with broken pool tables and lawn chairs thrown into the jacuzzi? No? Fuck, I’m hanging out with the wrong people then.

My negative experiences aside, I wouldn’t mind drug-sitting for A$AP Rocky; I practically am while watching the video for his new single “LSD.”  Introduced and premiered by none other than the One True Based God himself, Lil B (Praise Him!), it’s really not helping my debilitating acid flashbacks.

The video’s premise: A$AP Rocky, high as ish, getting in a cab for a night in the city. The lights and city colors are amplified as he climbs up stairwells and slinks around rooftops (because I think he thinks he’s in the middle of some rigorous midnight parkour). Then he effectively steals someone’s girl, courts her with some tongue-swapping and a little more slinking – until he looks at his reflection, thinks “Oh right, I’m a rapper. I forgot,” and goes full throttle into A$AP MOB mode.

…’Til the second wave of acid hits in full force. Rocky’s back to romancing until PLOT TWIST: The girl never existed. Awww, man. Haven’t been part of such a heartbreaking story since Girl At Ultra Music Festival Kisses A Tree.

A$AP Rocky’s second studio album, At. Long. Last. A$AP, is out in June 2, but if you need more A$AP ASAP, check out his decidedly less trippy, sing “Everyday,” and look for him in Rick Famuyima’s upcoming film Dope.