IHEARTCOMIX is a Los Angeles based creative institution began by Franki Chan that has defined trends across mediums through the lenses of music and pop culture for over 10 years. Started in 2004, IHC has developed from it’s beginnings in events and as a record label to a full fledged media outlet, production company and creative agency.

For press inquiries please contact: Inge Colsen, inge@girlie.com
To submit music for events or review, please email to: submissions@iheartcomix.com
For inquiries about licensing IHC Music please contact Lipsync Music: Licensing@lipsyncmusic.com

Franki Chan
Founder & Creative Director franki@iheartcomix.com
Joanna Farah
Marketing and Media Relations joanna@iheartcomix.com
Editor-In-Cheif isabelle@iheartcomix.com
Shannon Cornett
Head Of Events shannon@iheartcomix.com
Jackie Wongso
Events & Marketing Assistant jackie@iheartcomix.com
Production Manager andrew@iheartcomix.com
Jacob Cooper
Computer jacob@iheartcomix.com
Jesus Rivera
Designer & Filmmaker demonbabies@gmail.com

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