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Why Adult Swim’s Pocket Mortys Game is the Best New Way to Destroy Your Life

January 27th, 2016

Why Adult Swim’s Pocket Mortys Game is the Best New Way to Destroy Your Life

Just a few weeks ago, Adult Swim brought the drunken inter-dimensional time-space voyages of their acclaimed animated series, Rick and Morty, to your pocket devices in the form of a freemium gaming app called “Pocket Mortys.”

The game is both functionally and conceptually a derivative of the insanely popular Pokémon Gameboy series that flipped the fucking earth upside down when it premiered in the ’90s.

And herein lies the problem; playing Pokémon as a kid was like holding hands with Lucifer himself. Its opiate-like properties surged through you the moment you caught that first little mythical creature and they continued to intensify until it became a ferocious monster of an addiction, nested deep inside your bones. Any ’90s kid that got their hands on a Red or Blue version knows the feeling of hitting rock bottom deep inside of a dark cave, trying to avoid the wild fucking Zubats everywhere as you grind your thumbs down to the bone and wonder if you’ll ever truly be a Pokémon master. Well, I’m afraid Pocket Mortys might very well induce the same debilitating effects, my friends.

Pocket Mortys is genius. I mean, think about it …What nostalgia-craving 20-something hasn’t thought to themselves at some point, “WTF Nintendo? Why isn’t there a god damn Pokémon app for my iPhone yet?” Adult Swim Games recognized this and capitalized on it, HARD. Not only did they bring the Pokemon quest back into our hands, but they infused an element of mature comedy along with it, thus allowing a full grown adult to justify their investment of time into an animated child’s game. The result is a match made in heaven; a perfect medium in which all of our favorite characters and components of Rick and Morty are brought to life in the form of a role playing game. This includes everything from portal hopping and Morty abuse, to Mr. Meeseeks boxes and purified fleeb all in one game.

As you begin your quest navigate through portals as the alcoholic super-genius Rick, you will encounter a plethora of different Morty incarnates that are eligible to be manipulated into following you as their master. These Mortys serve as powerful pawns of battle that allow Rick to compete against various other space-traveling species and even Ricks from alternate universes.


Nearly all the fundamentals of Pokémon are present: One can battle to collect badges, buy and find helpful items, fight an elite Council of Ricks (i.e. the Elite Four), all while training to level up your squad of Mortys. Adult Swim and Bigpixel Studios even brought forth some original concepts to the game, such as crafting useful items by mixing random ingredients together, and the process of combining two of the same Mortys together to evolve them into a superior form.

However, with all this greatness, there is one major flaw that just seems so obvious. Why can’t we battle real-life homies and strangers online? I’m not sure, but I’d speculate that this is coming soon in a critical update.

So if you find that your dependence on cigarettes and masturbation is getting a little stale, try out a new addiction and go download Pocket Mortys for free from the app store.

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