Pretty Girl ALMA Gets Pretty Spooky On Her Debut EP “Dark Matter”

June 17th, 2015

Pretty Girl ALMA Gets Pretty Spooky On Her Debut EP “Dark Matter”


It’s mid-June, temperatures are rising, and LA’s cumulative sweat meters are reaching treacherous levels of swamp ass. Definitely not ideal weather for coven gatherings. But that didn’t stop sultry indie pop newcomer ALMA from releasing her debut EP, Dark Matter, which is definitely appropriately named thanks to its witchy, otherworldly vibes.

It’s a five-song EP, and it includes her first single, “Watcher,” a dark, spacey tune meant to continuously rotate in the background as you practicing your astral projection. Maybe during some late night forest traipsing, trying to find pieces of warped tree bark and strands of wheat for a rejuvenation potion … You get the drift.

The break-out song in Dark Matter, however, is hands down “Supernatural.” It. Rocks. HARD. Wait, did I say “rocks?” I meant creeps. “Supernatural”slinks and stalks around like a femme fatale, waiting for the first chance for you to fuck up so she can poison your split pea soup. That’s a seductive concept (see: Anna Nicole Smith), so I’m left unsure whether if I should be chilled or turned on. And that’s like, the best feeling.

The rest of the EP follows suit. It’s lush, atmospheric, and to put it in ALMA’s words herself from this recent interview, “cinematic.” The track “Hallucinating,” for example, is a prime specimen of trippy, transcendental pop, (like Sandra Bullock in Gravity transcendental) and “Terminal” sounds like the theme song for the next hit survival horror game. Next-gen, of course.

I think Dark Matter is best listened to at night though, in quiet reverence, meditating before the coven’s next big seance, gathering energy from all the earth elements in hopes that your next incantation works. Or, hey, sit down and watched Charmed or The Craft because sheep’s blood is expensive and there are no virgins left in LA to sacrifice.

For more on ALMA and her catchy dark tunes, check out her Soundcloud. And be sure to read our interview with the woman herself where we discuss her roots and approaches to music.