AlunaGeorge’s “I’m In Control” Video Is a Stunning Island Fashion Show

Posted by Isabelle 8 months ago in Music

alunageorge im in control popcaan video slider

Okay, if I was blind, I would love AlunaGeorge‘s single “I’m In Control” (feat. Popcaan). It’s impossible not to; it’s the perfect balance of EDM Lite™ and groovy island Song of Summer ©.

But I’m not blind, you guys. I hate to break it to you, but I have eyes. And what I’m seeing in AlunaGeorge’s video for this song is melting them.

Look at the outfits in here. THE OUTFITS. This video is a straight-up fashion show and now I’m pretty sure I know what I’m going to wear to every festival, coffee date, or colonoscopy I have as soon as El Nino fucks off and it warms up again.

Flanked by a herd of really hot human beings, AlunaGeorge puts her insane body and dance movies on display all around an unidentified hemispheric locale. In between gorgeous clips of real people dancing and enjoying life, she shows off her heritage and connection to a world far away from Los Feliz, where she premiered this video two nights ago.

“‘I’m in Control’ started out as a song about knowing what I want in life but it was missing something,” Aluna said to FADER. “So many times I have known deep inside what I want, without the confidence to actually state it, so others with stronger voices just tell me what I’m getting and I let them. I wanted to change that so I added lyrics that would give me the strength to speak and take action, not just wish; this song became a reminder to take control.”

Well, I am going to take control of wardrobe after this …

“I’m in Control” is the first single off Aluna and George Reid’s forthcoming album I Remember, out … sometime soon. Don’t know the dates quite yet, forgive me Father.


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