August 16th, 2012

While we have been in the party game for awhile now, there’s always lessons to be learned from our good friend, Andrew W.K. As he contiunes to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of his debut album, I Get Wet, Andrew WK has been blazing a fierce party trail across the county with his full band (includeing wife, Cherie Lilly) in tow. Today, Andrew celebrates the upcoming reissue of the album by releasing a new music video for the wild hype anthem, It’s Time to Party. The video is a wacky, playful romp through town as Andrew very quickly infects everyone he meets with his party vibes, culminating in one hell of a house party that sufficiently doubles as an AWK cosplay showcase.

The 10 Year Anniversary Edition of, I Get Wet, will be available August 28th on Century Media Records and will be available on Vinyl for the first time ever. Also, included in 500 special edition versions of the record will be personal items belonging to the Party Ambassador himself ranging anywhere from cut patches of his iconic white jeans to locks of his hair.


P.S. Here’s a version, with just the sound effects.