fbpx Andrew W.K. Presents: "Star Party Animal" featuring Lil BUB! – IHEARTCOMIX
February 7th, 2014

We’ll our good friend and CYP2 veteran Andrew W.K. has taken his passion for the party to epic new heights, space in fact, in his latest music video Star Party Animal! He’s not alone in his voyage to the stars, as the famous internet cat, Lil BUB serves as his co-pilot as they fly through space on oversized tuna. Andrew and Lil BUB, have successfully taken our obsession of cats to a new level of fanaticism with this far out, rock out!


This amazing music video serves as a pre-cursor to Lil BUB’s Special Special premiering on Animal Planet tomorrow night at 8PM! Watch Star Party Animal  below and flashback to Andrew’s performance at CYP2 after the jump!

Lil BUB’s Special Special

Andrew W.K. at Check Yo Ponytail