fbpx ANNOUNCING! Adult Swim Presents: Meatwad Full Dome Experience at Secret Location on June 27th!
June 20th, 2014

We are very excited to announce Friday, June 27th Adult Swim Presents: Meatwad Full Dome Experience at a secret location in downtown L.A.! Adult Swim invites you to be among the first lucky humans to encounter the Meatwad Full Dome Experience. Nestle into Meatwad’s vessel and allow him to tenderize your brain holes as you are gently transported through our mind-fudging interdimensional-space-coaster-love-canal; a celebration of America. Are you ready for this type of stimulation? Keep your clothes on and take out your pencils, we need your honest feedback, so arrive with an open  mind. Your input will shape the future of this experience. Sing it for our stimulated upliftment, we are breaking theoretical physics here.

June 27th

FREE // 18+

Downtown LA,

RSVP required to receive location details and instructions via email before the event.