ANNOUNCING: Adult Swim at San Diego Comic-Con 2016

July 5th, 2016

ANNOUNCING: Adult Swim at San Diego Comic-Con 2016

Leave it up to the patron saint of Rick and Morty, Robot Chicken and every other defining cartoon of your post-pubescence to make a Comic-Con even more impossibly entertaining than it already is.

You read right: Adult Swim is returning to the San Diego Comic-Con, and this year, they’ve stacked their calendar with unmissable signings, panels, a carnival, new game releases, more giveaways than your tiny brain could possibly handle, and a dome where “trance-inducing hallucinations” threaten you with the good time of a “near-death experience.”

There’s almost too much Adult Swim to adult-process at SDCC, so to help you navigate the weird and wonderful world they’ve got planned, we made you this guide. This is only some of what’s in store; we’ll keep you updated with more announcements as they come in over the telegraph machine.

All events are free with RSVP at www.adultswimpresents.com, and you can find all the additional info you’d ever need and more at www.adultswim.com/comiccon2016.




adult swim paneladult swim panel

Photo: Adult Swim

Friday, July 22nd

Annual Adult Swim Panel Block at the Hilton Bayfront, Indigo Ballroom

Robot Chicken | 12:15-1PM

Brad Neely’s Harg Nallin Sclopio Peepio | 1:15-2PM

Rick and Morty | 2:15-3PM

Samurai Jack | 3:15-4PM



adult swim signing

Photo: Getty Images

Robot Chicken Signing* | 4:30-5:30PM, ADULT SWIM BOOTH #3721

Brad Neely’s Harg Nallin Sclopio Peepio | 3-4PM, ADULT SWIM BOOTH #3721

Rick and Morty Signing* | 1:30-2:30PM , ADULT SWIM BOOTH #3721

Samurai Jack Signing* | 12-1PM , ADULT SWIM BOOTH #3721

*Tickets required for all signings at Adult Swim Booth #3721. A limited number of tickets will be given out at the booth on the day-of. First come, first served.


ADULT SWIM BOOTH #3721: Return To Feline Fun Hole Slide Mouth, Part 2

adult swim comic con booth

Photo: behance.net

Get limbered up and go lob fishy fun sacks into illuminated cat holes. Steady your trembling paws and pray your sacrifice to Adult Swim’s great glowing kitty doesn’t go unnoticed. If your aim is true she may cough up something beautiful and exciting.

Also, signings are there, so if you don’t want to throw things at cats, you can at least throw up from the nervousness of having Samurai Jack sign your ta-tas or your retainer.


night time on the green

Photo: bizbash.com

Cuddle up with your robotic chicken or scientifically advanced grandpa under the San Diego stars and check out all the new stuff on the horizon for Adult Swim. Blankets, pillows, blankets, blillows and human snuggles  are welcome. Here’s what you have to look forward to:

Toonami Pre-Flight | July 21, 8-10PM
Have you ever wanted to learn things about Toonami that you never knew you didn’t know? Get behind the scenes info on all things Toonami with your hosts Jason Demarco, Gill Austin, Steve Blum (Voice of TOM), and Dana Swanson (Voice of SARA).

Adult Swim Presents: Things You’ve Never Seen | July 22, 8-10PM
Do you want to see things you’ve never seen before? See them here.  It’s going to be completely mind blowing. We promise.

Rick and Morty | July 23, 8-10PM
Get your costume ready! Join Adult Swim for an improvised evening with Rick and Morty creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland. Seriously, anything could happen.

Capacity is limited. First come first served.

18+ No Comic-Con badge required.


adult swim on the green

Adult Swim is returning to the green for Comic Con 2016 and it’s gonna be greener than ever. They’re giving away everything you’ve ever dreamed of at their Carnival Midway with fancy new games and prizes; all you have to do to get them is stand in their lines. We know you guys love lines. These lines are worth it though.

Have your soul photo taken in the Mr. Pickles photo booth then head over to The Meatwad Full Dome to check out Adult Swim’s new show “Six Minutes Of Your Life That You’ll Never Get Back.” This is the show that allows you to soak in six minutes of air-conditioning and hold on as you challenge your mind and stomach to 360 degrees of trance-inducing hallucinations and what’s possibly a near-death experience. Builds character!

Adult Swim is also premiering a new game called Headlander. Blast through a retro ’70s sci-fi action adventure with psychotic robots in a far-out head trip, coming this summer to PS4 and PC from Double Fine Productions and Adult Swim Games.

JULY 21-24| 11am – 6pm

Located at Convention Way & 5th Ave Pier, behind the Convention Center

FREE | RSVP at adultswimpresents.com

18 YRS+



live streaming adult swim

Can’t go to Comic-Con this year? Have a debilitating fear of crowds? Afraid of reality so you live on your phone and computer? No problem; Adult Swim also caters to you this year.

FishCenter and the rest of the Adult Swim Streams are bringing the best and weirdest of San Diego Comic Con to you, live and on the Internet via the miracle of live streaming. Along with musical guests, varying degrees of celebrities and random nut jobs, Adult Swim is broadcasting live Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from deep inside Con country. Sit back and let Adult Swim stream all the discomforts of Comic-Con directly to your eye holes.

Watch at adultswim.com.