fbpx ANNOUNCING! IHC Party Stream & Emo Nite Present: STREAMO NITE – IHEARTCOMIX
December 3rd, 2016

Not lucky enough to catch tickets to the sold out Emo Nite’s 2 Year Anniversary Party? Wipe away those tears because we’ve got you covered!

IHC Party Stream and Emo Nite LA have teamed up to create STREAMO NITE, a special live broadcast of the event over at the IHEARTCOMIX Twitch Channel. So whether you’re a misanthropic recluse or live in Kansas for some reason, you can catch the whole line up from the comfort of your own home.

The amazing line up includes The All-American Rejects, Aaron Gillespie of Underoath, Jordan Pundik of New Found Glory, Craig Owens of Chiodos, Captain Cuts, Movements, and tons more. Plus, if you’re watching from home you also get exclusive access to artist interviews and giveaways throughout the stream!

If you’re not familiar with it yet, Party Stream is our ongoing livestream music series over on Twitch. Stream all the fun live on Tuesday Dec 6th at 8pm PST – 2am PST.