fbpx ANNOUNCING! IHC + Pop Up Present: Secret Society with Secret Guests, BRRRANG-A-DANG, C.Z., Franki Chan, and $U$PECT at Secret Location on August 2nd!
August 1st, 2014

We are very excited to announce this Saturday, August 2nd IHC + Pop Up Present: Secret Guests, Two Fresh, C.Z., Franki Chan, and $U$PECT at Secret Location! The perfect party for your post HARD Festival turnup, we’ll be bringing in some world class talent along with some of our favorite local acts for a late night rager. HAM ON EVERYTHING DJs BRRRANG-A-DANG gonna tear it down for the underground this Saturday alongside M|O|D’s prodigy producer C.Z. IHEARTCOMIX DJs, Franki Chan and $U$PECT will be spinning special selects to get the party started.  Entry is $10 before midnight  and you must RSVP for location details. Be sure to bring cash for entry and drinks!