Announcing: IHEARTCOMIX channel on BitTorrent Now!

Posted by Jacqueline Wongso 3 months ago in Features

We’ve been cooking up a lot of stuff over at IHC HQ and we’re so excited to start sharing the great news. Yes you heard it! We’re partnering up with BitTorent to be a part of their new launch for BitTorent Now! It’s a huge honor to be one of the first 20 channels on this new platform.

Some of the other channels include Oscilloscope Laboratories, PizzaSlime, and our friends Fool’s Gold, Yung Jake, and Soulection. Just from that list itself, it’s evident that BitTorent is presenting a selection of well curated and respected collectives.

The main goal for BitTorent Now is to push the idea of sharing content in the most fair way possible. “BitTorrent touts the revenue model for its ad-supported streaming service as more artist-friendly than the competition, with creators keeping 70% of streaming ad revenue after administrative costs.”

We have a few channels on the site ready for download including IHC 1FINITY, Demonbabies, IHC Classics, and Check Yo Ponytail.

Read more about BitTorent Now via Pitchfork!


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