May 20th, 2016

Good afternoon, savage party animals. We’re back with another very important broadcast: #PARTYSTREAM No.3 is coming your way Wednesday, May 25th and it’s shaping up to be our most entertaining yet.

This month’s lineup features Hyperdub‘s Addison Groove headlining along with Teklife‘s Taso and Dim Mak‘s newcomer R3ll. This time around, it’s all about juke, footwork, Jersey and all the sounds that make you wanna move your feet like those crazy pro DDR dancers. We’ll also be teaming up with LA’s favorite Juke Bounce Werk and their team of highly talented DJs, which is amazing because they’ll be bringing in Creation Dancers that will showcase the whole world wide web on how to dance to footwork the right way.

As always, we’ve got surprises for you in store. Especially considering that Brandon Wardell will be your hos t… ;)

IHC-PS-Ep3_Insta003 (1) (1)


If you’re not familiar with the Party Stream format, hush. It’s a monthly live-streaming music and gaming event hosted on Twitch where tons of insane shit happens for like, six hours straight. It’s like being at the craziest party ever, except you’re antisocial, in your room! Perfect. Order a pizza, jump on the Twitch chat, and come chill. Weirdness starts at 6 p.m. L.A. time.

Check out  here’s Ducky’s set from last month’s Party Stream.