Announcing Party Stream, Our New Monthly Music and Gaming Live Stream Series!

March 24th, 2016

Announcing Party Stream, Our New Monthly Music and Gaming Live Stream Series!

Here at IHC, the two most important things to us in the world aside from breathing and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos are music and geek culture. But, the world has been severely lacking a medium that combines the latter two, which was about all the motivation we needed to change that once and for all.

We’ve gone and solved that problem for humanity with Party Stream, a revolutionary new online event platform that combines music and geek culture into one, convenient, interactive form (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

Party Stream is our brand-new, monthly live-stream event series hosted by internet sweetheart Brandon Wardell. Formatted kinda like a TV variety show on poppers, Party Stream will bring the IHC universe to you by combining our legacy of groundbreaking music events with our love of gaming to create an engaging and entertaining online party time.

Every episode of Party Stream will incorporate original sets, live music, live gaming and tons of surprise moments, none of which you have to leave your house to see. Every month, we’ll feature a different brand, label or personality, each of which will bring their own flavor and important players to the event.

To pull this off, we’ve partnered with several key brands to enhance your viewing experience. Our partners include Twitch, Loot Crate, Jukely, Noble e-Sports, PHHHOTO and Polycade.

Party Stream is a big old deal for us, as it’s the first in a line of significant new initiatives we’ve set for ourselves as we move away from live events to more content-driven resource for those who care about music and geek culture as much as we do.

The  first-ever Party Stream will be a Ham on Everything takeover and will go down next Wednesday, March 30th at 6pm PST. This one’s set to be special snowflake, because, if you know anything about HOE, you know they’re huge on the hip-hop/underground kick. However, for our inaugural Party Stream, they’ll be making a rare foray into more electronic territory in an effort that to prove that e-raves are also things you can put ham on.

You can watch it, as well as all our upcoming Party Streams at twitch.tv/iheartcomix.

Want to see what it’ll be like? Check out the live-stream we did recently did with Mark Redito here.

Can’t wait to e-see you there.