February 14th, 2013

If you haven’t already guessed, Antwon is one of our favorite up and coming MCs around. We were fortunate enough to have him out to open several dates on the Trash Wang tour last December where countless audience members thrashed their way throughout his sets. He’s done collaborations with Pictureplane and Main Attrakionz and has been working with Heems and his Greedhead label. Today, Antwon has released a Valentine’s Day treat for us in the form of his latest mixtape from Greedhead called, In Dark Denim.

While clocking in just over a half hour, the 11 tracks that make up Antwon’s new mixtape, In Dark Denim, are all impeccably paced and arranged, with seamless transitions between themes of nostalgia and an explicitly sexual deviance. Antwon’s power-casual cadence is only enhanced by appearances from Froskees, Cities Aviv, Teams, and a few others who provide a vibey, and at times abstract foundation for his deep, resonating baritone. From start to finish, Antwon reminds us that there is more to rap music than just rap music. In Dark Denim is a great example of how rap’s future is being cemented by the bold and the abstract, with architects like Antwon overseeing its evolution.

Download In Dark Denim HERE.