December 11th, 2014


Kreayshawn is probably one of the most polarizing female artists in the rap scene and while some will criticize blindly, a larger majority of her fan are absolutely dedicated to Kreay. While her MC career has given way to other interests such as directing music videos, streaming podcasts, and being a full time mom, her creative enthusiasm has never dissapated. Tonight she’ll be DJing at Los Globos as part of our stacked lineup including Nadus, Liz, and Leikeli47, but before she breaks out the bangers we were able to ask her a few questions about her career and where her passions lie moving forward into 2015!

You went pretty ghost for a while! How did the reaction to ‘’Somethin’ Bout Kreay’’ impact you?

It was very confusing for me because, it seemed a lot of people expected way more of a success for me as far as “charts”. I never anticipated all the debate over where my album was on charts especially because the only copies were being sold at Hot Topic only. Gucci Gucci barely went gold so for people to bash me for not making it to number one I was just confused. But, for my fans they loved it. It was more put together and polished then my early stuff and I think people enjoyed that.

What would your say is your greatest achievement thus far?

My greatest achievement in my career is probably the recognition I got for being an individual and being creative by my peers. It was also a huge plus to get to travel the whole world.

How does DJing compare to rapping at a live performance? Do you prefer one over the other?

I usually get more nervous about DJing. Live performances you get so routine at and know what to do to please a crowd. But with DJing depends on what city or type on venue or what type of headliners you have so every time it’s different. You can have all your music picked out but, get there and everyone hates it and you have to goto plan b.

Tell us about your new podcast, “Lost in Thot,” with Chippy Nonstop. What should we expect?

Me and Chippy are OG twitter ranters/live tweeters. We seem to always have a mouthful..of our own feet most the time. But, we love talking and sharing our weird ‘thots’ so we put together a little one hour podcast deal. We are working on making it better and more reliable as far as production and sound. Hopefully get it on some kinda of radio station or internet series thing. So we can EAT!

What did you want to be when you were little? Ever expect you’d be directing music videos?

My first real solid job dream was actually to be a Radio DJ. The idea of just talking nonstop and playing my fav. songs sounded like heaven to me. I got my first internship at Energy 92.7 in Oakland when I was about 13 a freshmen in high school. Soon after I found a program in Oakland called Youth Radio and go accepted in to join but, I ended up not being able to due to parental issues. But, I still have a strong interest for it as you can see by the self made podcasts.

What was your motivation to become a rapper? Did you have any major influences that persuaded you?

Def just being a fan of music and always listening to it motivated me. I was always around recording equipment and computers as a kid. Me and my friend Avian would make beats all day and record little mix tapes for each other and our friends. Freestyling for hours about what we ate for lunch it was so fun. So over time it was just what we did for fun and the older we got the more sense we made I guess.

It’s rumored that you turned down a scholarship to Berkley to follow your dreams in LA. Do you still stand by this decision? Would you make the same decision in hindsight?

Well I took the scholarship actually and cut out before the final semester. I’m still very cool with the dean Patrick he’s my guy. Looking back I don’t think it was the wrong decision at all because, I prob would have never got a deal and got to do anything super cool anytime soon.

You were an honors student, correct? What’s the most important thing you’ve learned in life that they could have never taught you in school?

I don’t know what an honors student is but, I dropped out sophomore year of high school. I don’t remember learning much after 7th grade. Basically just being turnt up was my main priority. There’s so much you learn outside of school. I always feel inferior to people who do have an education though even though half the time they are dumb as hell on a different kind of level.

Through it all, your strong fan base has stood behind you. What should they expect to see from you musically in 2015?

I don’t know I am always up in the air about what it going on with me musically because, I have to juggle 7 other things that I also want as a career as well. They understand that though and whatever I put out there other they love because they love ME!

Last year, you had your son Desmond. Does it get stressful balancing work and motherhood?

Yes it is definitely hard sometimes I feel like I am in two different worlds. One where I am a crazy rockstar and one where I am a pinterest coupon mom. They are other equally as thrilling to me but honestly being a mom is a way funner, chiller and far more rewarding job then being a rap star.

 Pick up tickets to see Kreayshawn spinning from the decks of Los Globos tonight and watch this throwback music video of her mega-hit Gucci Gucci after the jump!