fbpx Athletixx Drop Debut 'All-Star' Mixtape featuring unreleased tracks by Falcons, Hoodboi, Promnite, & Kittens!
August 12th, 2014

athletixx Los Angeles based collective, Athletixx, have just released their debut ‘All-Star’ Mixtape featuring unreleased tracks by Falcons, Hoodboi, Promnite, & Kittens! Founded earlier this year, Athletixx combines the production prowess of all four of these prolific producers and each have contributed to this 30 minute mix with infallable flips and even some originals that make this mash up pure magic. You’ll recognize familiar lyrics from Chris Brown, Jermemih, and Drake all set to the beat of the Athletixx drum. Endorsements from Kastle, A-trak, and other notable influencers dot this incredible mix. This self proclaimed ‘Sports League’ definitely has the endurance to continue to create and with their combined efforts we expect to see this collective shining bright. Stream the new mixtape and download this sporty mix below! Download the All-Star Mixtape.