fbpx Exclusive Premiere: AVAN LAVA drops new track "OOO EEE" just in time for set at Austin Party Weekend tonight – IHEARTCOMIX
March 18th, 2015


On the dawn of their 2015 Austin Party Weekend set at the IHC Showcase at SXSW, New York dance pop AVAN LAVA has dropped a new single that has what is undoubtedly the most endearing and descriptive name ever: “OOO EEE.”

… As if we weren’t already excited enough for their APW set. Oh AVAN LAVA, you sneaky little fox-thing. So tempted to make a capitalized, repeated vowel joke, but practicing self-control.

“OOO EEE” is off their upcoming Make It Real EP, out March 31. Give it a listen, envision yourself sweat-dancing at APW with us.

Also, if you need any hint about what AVAN LAVA’s shows are like, feast your eyes on this:

AVAN LAVA frontman TC Milan told Paper Magazine: “We know our fans come to dance and lose themselves for a night, so we do everything we can to get them to that point. We’ve built a custom light show, choreographed big dance breaks, wear matching outfits that always change show-to-show. Even when we were playing 100 cap rooms, we were hiring dancers and shooting confetti canons into the crowd — we want every show to be the best night of your life.”
Check out AVAN LAVA at APW tonight, March 18th, at the Main.

Also, here’s everyone else who will be playing with them at our IHC showcase. For a full lineup and schedule of all the APW artists and showcases, go here, or visit AustinPartyWeekend.com.