Billboard Premieres TOKiMONSTA’s remix of Gavin Turek’s ‘Frontline,’ Remix Package Announced

May 27th, 2015

Billboard Premieres TOKiMONSTA’s remix of Gavin Turek’s ‘Frontline,’ Remix Package Announced


On the heels of Gavin Turek‘s smashing disco track “Frontline,” her longtime friend and collaborator TOKiMONSTA  has just released a killer remix of song which premiered on Billboard today. As an added bonus, the two also announced a forthcoming joint EP as well, because there is a music god and all your voodoo doll-ing is really paying off.

Gavin and TOKiMONSTA have been friends since the MySpace Era. After meeting on site years ago, Turek and TOKi, who was still establishing herself as a producer-DJ in California’s beat scene at the time, decided to work on music together. Their collaborations appear on TOKiMONSTA’s 2011 EP Creature Dreams,  and her 2013 album Half Shadows. Now, the two are gearing up to release a joint seven-track EP of glorious future R&B called You’re Invited in July.

TOKi’s version of  “Frontline,” dials the shimmering, energetic disco of the original down into a late-night slow-jam. Notably heavier, it retains Gavin’s buoyant vocals, but adapts the song’s melody for an entirely different party. If the original is Club 54, the remix is The Overpass, or ______ (insert your favorite after-hours party here).

Turek wrote “Frontline” to evoke feelings of empowerment for shy types who need a boost of confidence. Inspired by the sounds and sass of disco goddess Donna Summer, Turek wrote it after a breakup to inspire bold action.

“Being forthright with someone I really like is tough,” she told Billboard. “Sometimes you have to fake it ’till you make it. That’s what this song is for me, a straight-up ‘I want you and I don’t care how it makes me look’ anthem. I’m hoping it ignites some crazy confidence in people even if it’s not their reality at the moment.”

Turek’s “Frontline” is the third single from our label, IHC 1NFINITY (the fourth is her other single, “Don’t Fight It”) and comes on the heels of our releases with Chela and Pictureplane.  We’re also excited to be releasing a Gavin Turek remix package featuring the TOKiMONSTA remix and StarRo’s remix of Gavin’s other single “Don’t Fight It,” due out June 26th.

While you wait for that to drop, head over to our SoundCloud page to stream Gavin’s O.G. versions of the singles, or you can go here to download them for your own personal devices.