fbpx Black Marble Collective Releases "Volume II" the ultimate Club IHC Pregame – IHEARTCOMIX
May 7th, 2015

This little California “cold” spell right before summer has me feeling some type of somethin’. The frigid mid-60’s and light gray sky is very un-May, and it’s had me slow, moody, and bumbly in a time when I’m normally revving and wild. I need a pick-me-up, a musical Red Bull.

And then, right before the Club IHC show this Friday, Black Marble Collective shows up and whips my ass into shape by dropping another album on Cinco de Mayo, simply titled “Volume II”. This is the second album the California collective has released this year, doing what they do best: reaching out to the right soundmakers around the globe to put together an ass-clapping musical bop through a very chill bass-ruled landscape.

What exactly does that mean? Downtempo sexy sounds, some Juke, a dash of Jersey Club, experimental samples and night riding hip-hop beats.

They’ll be playing at this week’s Club IHC at the Lash Pop-Up with Sinjin Hawke and Venus X, so make sure you come by and watch me slowly die in the corner from sex music overdose.

“Volume II” is available right here.