April 11th, 2016

You know when you get you bottom two wisdom teeth removed at age 27 and you wake up feeling better than you’ve ever felt in your entire life? Every sensation is amplified by the retreating anesthesia except pain, and somehow, you’re unspeakably creative. Also a little horny. Your brain feels like it’s lightly floating in a piña colada, and since worse things have happened than that, you’re fine with it.

That’s what this video from Connan Mockasin and Blonde Redhead‘s Kazu Mikano feels like to me. It’s the visual appendage to Connan’s remix of Blonde Redhead’s “Defeatist Anthem,” which comes off their new Barragán remix EP, Freedom of Expression.

connan mockasin blonde redhead kazu defeatist anthem remix music video

Connan’s take on “Defeatist Anthem,” is stripped down and distorted, exposing the more primal, elemental components of the original which, according to Kazu, was written about “me and my horse sticking together through tough times.” It’s that nitrous-like sonic landscape of the song that’s telegraphing these post-orthodontic relapses for me, but the video takes that sentiment to a whole new level of surrealism.

In it, Kazu falls asleep in front of a commercial for $8,000 Chapstick (which stars world-famous competitive whistling champion Molly Lewis), only to astral travel to a dream world where Connan is playing his version of her song to her on a couch, sensually.

In a single shot, the camera captures a moment of chemistry between them before zooming out. At that point, we learn this is taking place in an outdoor living room, on a serene beach, where men in disco ball suits are casually walking Afghan hounds in the background. Yes, exactly like Venice beach … how astute of you.

The video is the work of Lung Club directors Joseph Bird and Simone Cañez-Sabus. Watch it below, and go here to listen to Blonde Redhead’s remix album, Freedom of Expression on Barragan, including Connan’s song.

Outfits, both sparkly and otherwise, provided by Isabel Marant.