fbpx Bok Bok + Kelela Present: 'Melba's Call' Music Video
March 31st, 2014

If your as obsessed the growing electronic R&B movement as I am, you’ll definitely enjoy the latest groove Melba’s Call from the collaborative minds of Bok Bok and Kelela. These two first made sexy slow jams on Kelela’s Cut 4 Me Mixtape with Guns and Synths, and A Lie. The new single, released by Night Slugs today, features those signature Bok Bok beat patterns alongside Kelela’s soulful sounds.

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 9.51.28 AM

While the single has been available for preview for a month the music video is a welcome visual for Melba’s Call that is now available for download as well. The video is set in a serene state-of-the-art studio surrounded by foliage with Bok Bok’s snare seemingly controling the light. Kelela appears on a holographic monitor in the midst of a darkened¬†futuristic studio. You can almost see Bok Bok slaving over the control board toiling over the bass while sipping the spirits, the only real remnants of a producer at work. Watch the mesmerizing video below and pick up Melba’s Call below!

Melba’s Call on iTunes.