fbpx Bosco Drops "Boy" Which Traps Out My Overly-Emotional Heart – IHEARTCOMIX
June 1st, 2015

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I am not “hard.”

You know the filling inside Twinkies? I’m that soft. I have a calendar with pictures of bunnies dressed up as people, and it genuinely fills me with optimism every morning as I floss and look at it. During winter, I keep my scarf on when I’m inside, and whenever anyone asks why I say “But it’s cashmere, it’s so light and breathable!” And because of my aforementioned softness, I’ve always felt at arm’s distance from Trap music. I’m just not that hard. There’s no space for my flowery, emotional emotions or my sun-sensitive skin (because no SPF is ever enough).

However, Bosco has got me moving a step in the right direction. Straight from Atlanta, she’s making some of the hardest electronic R&B out right now and just released her track “Boy” off of her upcoming EP under the same name. The track pulls equally from the emotional crooners of the past (think shades of Aaliyah) with the crisp, rapid-fire snares and booming-yet-gothically-dark Trap production that we’re used to seeing out of Hotlanta. It’s got something for you to get truly buck to (not normal buck – truly buck) while you’re in the club, and then something for you on the ride home when you’re feeling the post-molly melancholy and wondering what you’re even doing with your life.

Bosco ran our asses into the grounds and our emotions into our diaries at our Casa del Sol party at this year’s Coachella, so we’ve been hooked for a minute now, but for those new to the party: stay tuned, because the full Boy EP drops tomorrow from our dear friends over at Fool’s Gold.