Break Time! A New Live Stream Series

August 2nd, 2016

Break Time! A New Live Stream Series

Imagine being stuck in the office all day. You’re sulking in your cubicle while staring at your digital clock waiting for that clock to tick to 5pm. 5 PM, that time of freedom. Well, IHEARTCOMIX is giving you another reason to look forward to 5 PM!

Introducing BREAK TIME! A new live stream series on Wednesdays at 5pm pst on Twitch.tv/iheartcomix. We’ll have special guest djs every time we go live so you have to tune in to find out who will be hangin out with us. Also not to mention that the very sweet and talented, VenessaMichaels, will be hosting the show!

First one will be on Wednesday, August 3rd!

Remember. Wednesday. Twitch.tv/iheartcomix. 5pm pst.

See you guys on the internet.

p.s art was made by the ridiculously talented Nick Gazin