January 16th, 2015
Los Angeles psych-rockers and road warriors, White Arrows took a well deserved break from touring after Coachella last year to dedicate their creative efforts fully to their second full length album In Bardo. The acclaimed debut 2012 LP, Dry Land Is Not A Myth was written over the span of almost two years of touring so when Mickey Church and Andrew Naeve sat down to produce their latest creation it was with a clear vision and careful composition. In Bardo takes strides in a new direction for the band. Andrew, who had used only keyboards in the past, picked up the guitar and worked to integrate the instrument into White Arrows’ innovative blend of psychedelic rock and electronic indie pop. We had a chance to catch up with Mickey before their show at El Rey Theatre next Friday to chat about the new album and the upcoming tour!

You guys are taking off on your “In Bardo” Tour in a few days. Are there any pre-tour rituals or preparations you do before setting out on the road?
We will be rehearsing a bunch,  figuring out where all the sketchy boarder crossings are, packing eye mask/ear plugs etc., classic prayer not to die.

Are there any road essentials you always take on tour, whether it be gear or a good luck charm?
I bring a cooler. I fill it with snack essentials but also measured this specific cooler to be the right height to use as an arm rest/ iPad stand to watch movies.  John Paul pretty much packs everything you could possibly think of: aloe bottles filled with booze, seaweed, a label maker, rubber mallet, headlamp, and many more things.

The new album has really seemed to connect with audiences across the board. Was the development of “In Bardo” fairly structured or did most of the songs arise from an organic sound or melody?
We wrote it relatively the same way we write.  Where its just Andrew and I sitting like producers and building the tracks, but I think the main difference is we got to take it into a real studio, with a real producer, and do it all at one time.  I also thought fuck it.  IF nothing happens past this album– I want this one to mean something to me.

I have heard you guys say before you enjoy collaborating with visual artists. You’re new album had some awesome psychedelic visual videos crafted for “I Want A Taste,” and “Nobody Cares.” Did you work with a certain visual artist for these and if so, what inspired the elements of these videos?
We have those visuals for every song on the album by way of SusBoy.  He’s a friend and a genius.  They’re the same visuals that correspond to the songs as we play them live. It’s really cohesive and embodies the songs in a way I really love.

You guys are starting off 2015 with your nation wide tour, any other big goals for the new year? festivals, albums, etc?
Remix albums coming, new videos coming very soon, more touring, more festivals.. all of the above.

White Arrows was the first time you and your brother actually performed together. Have there been any growing pains as the band has developed?
Well now Henry is at college at Pratt, but it was really cool that he was playing drums on the project for as long as he did from high school times.

You guys have done a fair bit of traveling as well. What would you say has been you’re favorite city to visit when touring abroad?
Atlanta has always been a favorite stop.  internationally — I really like Sydney, Aus.

Do you find audiences in other countries more receptive or more attentive?
It’s all so different.  Depends on the night and the context.  We do well at festivals I think, but some of our best shows have varied from 50 people to 5000 people.

You’ve already had your song “We Can’t Ever Die” remixed by Vacationer, D. Konopka, and Ricky Eats Acid. Should we expect any more remixes in the near future?

We’re excited to have you playing at the El Rey Theatre on January 23rd. Anything you want to say to your home town fans?
Come in droves.

Join us next Thursday as White Arrows is joined by fellow L.A. locals James Supercave and Say Say for a magical night of psychedelic pop that will take you away!