June 26th, 2012

The debate between analog vs. digital seems to be an endless argument these days, an argument that is based on preference more than anything else. While digital practices have taken over many studios, there are still many analog enthusiasts that slave away patching, twisting, and dialing in their sounds hours on end, preferring the touch of a cable as opposed to the click of a mouse. Recent LA transplants, Soft Metals, are one of these bands. With an incredible collection of synthesizers and drum machines at their fingertips, Soft Metals translate the warm characteristics of their extensive collection into dark, progressive disco arrangements that are ghostly and surreal. You can feel the drive of their calculated arpeggiations and evolving melodies, creating a dense environment for Patricia Hall’s vocals to echo into eternity. While there is no right or wrong side to the debate, Soft Metals have certainly found comfort in their own production methods, and the results are simply stunning.

Soft Metals will be performing on Thursday, June 28th at Los Globos. Joining them will be Pictureplane and White Car, with a very special DJ set from Wesley Eisold from Cold Cave. In celebration of the event, Soft Metals are offering up this extended percolating remix of Voices by producer, Darkwerkz.

Tickets are available HERE.