Caotico’s New Grungy Electro-Pop Single “Gone” Is So Good It Hurts

May 22nd, 2015

Caotico’s New Grungy Electro-Pop Single “Gone” Is So Good It Hurts


GOD WHY IS EVERYTHING FROM SWEDEN GOOD? The Knife, Lykke Li, Swedish fish; it’s like these people’s national export is greatness.

Swedish electro-pop duo Caotico are no exception. The handsome brother-men have been putting out pulsating garage beats ever since 2010, but their new single “Gone” is probably their most butt-bounce worthy offering to date.

Their label Discobelle had this to say about the track: “Gone’ showcases a new direction for Caotico, a massive track leaning heavily towards a pulsating UK garage beat that’s interspersed with robotic vocals making this a dance floor bomb, the club edit makes that even more certain and should be your next weapon of choice.”

Weapon of choice is right … weapon against my hips. I’m only between the ages of 22 and 26, but I swear to gawd I’m going to break something dancing to this. Thanks for the heredity osteoarthritis, grandma. Get your shit together.

Fellow Swedes Franskild also just put out a house-ish remix¬† of “Gone” that’s dripping with characterize Scandinavian melancholia (no sun + universal healthcare = sadness). Their version’s got more haunting robot vocals than the original and the deep beat is punctuated by what Discobelle brilliantly refers to as “desolate bleeps.”

Toronto outfit RYME just released a competing remix as well. This one rides high on their streak of bumping house/techno tracks, but distorts the original lyrics so the HAL-like vocalist is compressed into a series of echoed yelps. Dramatic synths up the stakes and make the already-dramatic track even more dramatic … drama.

Give the O.G. and its remix spawn a listen below.

Here’s the video too: