September 23rd, 2013

To get ready for the show this weekend at Los Globos, we invited noise lover and photographer Holloweyed to ask Youth Code a few questions before they take the stage. Here, band members Ry and Sara discuss the project’s formation, their relationship with Psychic TV, and their affinity for Los Angeles. Take a look below…

Youth Code II

Holloweyed: Tell me about the origins of Youth Code and how the band came together. Was it a focused idea or more of a happenstance?
Ry: I’ve been messing with electronics for about 6 years by myself, but was too shy and unfocused until Sara inspired me to do something with it. Her interest in my little secret bedroom synth world is what pushed us to form a band.

Explain each of your backgrounds with music and the various scenes you’ve been involved with.
Ry: I’ve played in hardcore and punk bands since I was a teenager. I hate scenes so I can’t really explain them to you. I don’t pay attention to what is cool nor do I care.

Sara: I’ve just liked music of all kinds for years. I toured from 17-27, doing merch and tour management in all different areas of music and got exposed to some cool things. I never really felt connected to any one scene either. I sort of just liked what I liked and continuously tried to get into more and more stuff.

Describe the various sounds/genres that comprise Youth Code. How do they come together in the mix?
Ry: We play electronic music because its an intimate thing we can do as a duo… We don’t need to bring in other players because of the nature of samplers and sequencers. We’re industrial/ EBM almost by default because we draw so much from metal, hardcore and punk. Not that we don’t draw ideas from early Wumpscut and X Marks the Pedwalk etc… but our writing style is very harsh and punishing because we like fucked up music.

Sara: Hardcode, Industrial, and a deep underlying love of Pop.

If five things could go into a blender and out would come your S/T debut LP, what would they be?
Ry: Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Vegan pizza. Coffee.

Sara: Coffee, An industrial record collection, emotional instability, love, and a drum machine.

What is it that you think people would not expect to hear about you having only your music to go off of?
Ry: We don’t dress like mortal combat characters.

Sara: That we’re actually pretty nice little buddies.

Key components of the Youth Code live experience – besides the obvious instruments?
Ry: Lots of bottles of waters. Lots of screaming. Lots of broken gear. Lots of bewildered audience members.

Sara: hating everything, especially myself.

You are the first band that is not Psychic TV to be released by their imprint, Angry Love. Describe your relationship with the PTV family.
Sara: I met eddie on tour, we fell in love and have been friends ever since. There is no other explanation really as he is a solid individual, someone I love, and he just happens to be doing really cool stuff musically. I go out with PTV every once in a while to help TM and do merch…. it’s fun because they will only do a show or two at a time. It’s like a perfect tour vacation. Work a little bit, see a part of the world, and hang out with your friends.

Youth Code I

What are some of the benefits and challenges of making music in your bedroom / home?
Ry: The neighbors up stairs hate us.

You’ve done the majority of the design, video editing, printing, assembly, etc… by yourselves for YC. Is such a hands-on approach needed or necessary?
Ry: It’s absolutely necessary. It’s our band and we have no desire to use another artist to represent us… For better or worse. We’re not trying to be the biggest band in the word. We make art for the sake of art. Everything else is just… Whatever.

Sara: I am a complete control freak and want to be able to have a say in everything about this project. It’s like our child…. you wouldn’t let someone you didn’t know super well dress your kid, tell it how to talk and give it it’s life would you? I regard this project exactly the same. Our baby is directly representative of us.

At the band’s recent record release show, you remarked how LA was one of the greatest places in the world. Why do you feel this way now and have you always loved it?
Sara: This is where I was born. I didn’t always like it because the city is mostly comprised of people who move here to gain some form of career or something, and it usually transforms people into fake lifeless ladder climbers. After touring for so long and moving so many times to different cities to experience a difference, I just decided that LA was the greatest place in the world. A city that has everything you could ever want in it… and if you dig deep- you can also find some truly amazing people who aren’t just part of the norm. We have the best weather and the best things around us at all times.

Dream hospitality rider? Sky’s the limit.
Ry: Kale and peanut salad from m-cafe. Coconut kale smoothies. Massage and Sibylle Baier on the record player
Sara: Well made, healthy vegan food that isn’t pizza or burgers, Stumptown cold press coffee, a nice dressing room with an ipod dock in it, and a massage every night would be awesome. Oh yeah, if we could figure out how to have our dog with us all the time that would be cool too.

Looking for anything in particular to come out of your upcoming tour with Night Sins?
Ry: New friends. Good shows. So far so good.
Sara: I just want to see people having fun and being stoked on what we have to share with the world.

Most underrated record of the year?
Ry: Hasn’t happened yet.
Sara: yeah everything on my radar has lived up to it’s expectations. New Hoax is so tight.

The 1980s or 1990s?
Ry: 2013
Sara: Same

Best thrift shop find?
Ry: $100 bucks in the pocket of a jacket.

Sara: I found a really old crotchety sisters of mercy shirt once that was probably legit from the era, and then my sister let a friend borrow it and it disappeared for ever.

Youth Code will be performing at Los Globos on September 28th as they continue their tour with Night Sins. Also performing will be Light Asylum and Dangerous Boys Club. Come get dark with us.

Tickets are available HERE.

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