fbpx Chromeo Bring the Desert Funk in their New Video "Old 45's!"
October 1st, 2014


Yesterday, Chromeo dropped their new¬†music video Old 45s via SSENSE. The Funk Lordz new adventure almost seems to be a continuation of the White Women album trailer, as P-Thugg pulls into a small service station in the middle of the desert accompanied by a leggy brunette who quickly catches the attention of every man in sight. A single quarter selects Chromeo’s Old 45s as Dave 1 makes his first appearance, no doubt melting the hearts of women everwhere with some leather bound booty shaking. It doesn’t take long before the brunette is making eyes at Dave 1, and the seduction begins. The roadside drinking hole transforms into an all out dancehall as Dave 1 and his dame are surrounded by quick breaks and sexy moves. A surprise appearance from Jon Heder, while unexpected provides a little comic relief as he tries his best lines on the buxom babe. His failed attempts erupt into an all out bar brawl as P-Thugg and Dave 1 emerge unscathed leaving a trail of dust with their classic z28! Watch the video below and pick up tickets to their upcoming show next Thursday at Shrine Expo Hall with Wave Racer and Mapei!