December 13th, 2013

This weekend, one of Los Angeles’ premiere nonprofit cinematheques, Cinefamily will be hosting a 24 hour non-stop telethon featuring guests, interviews, live music and comedy to raise money to cover operating costs, new equipment purchases, and additional annual expenses in 2014. Founded in 2007, The Cinefamily has been home to exceptional, weird and wonderful experiences that are unforgettable precisely because they are shared and felt with others.Hosting movie premieres, director retrospectives, original festivals, live music events, cast and crew reunions, barbeques and so much more this isn’t just a movie theater but a community fostering a celebration of creativity, quality, and contagious enthusiasm. It’s essential that the Cinefamily theater live on as home to some of the most thrilling and thought provoking film and live original performance in Los Angeles!


 The 24 Hour Holiday Telethon will be as unique as the events they produce featuring Jena Malone, Miranda July, Anjelica Huston, Bruce Dern, Mike Judge, Tim Heidecker, Eric Wareheim, and Father John Misty.  Also included  two different “live score” musical accompaniments to films–The Gaslamp Killer playing to claymation legend Bruce Bickford’s unreleased Cas’l, and first ever musical performance allowed to Werner Herzog’s hypnotic 70s masterpiece Fata Morgana.

The marathon fundraiser begins on Saturday at 1pm and ends Sunday at 1pm and will be available for live stream throughout. IHEARTCOMIX is proud to present the “Nite Owl” portion of the telethon with musical performances from the Gaslamp Killer and Father John Misty from 1am to 5am for those of you up all night. Tune in to the live stream or find out how to attend this event below and please donate so we can keep this film collective thriving for years to come.

Stream the Cinefamily Telethon HERE.