August 11th, 2014

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Today, video has emerged of Code Orange‘s recent live set at This Is Hardcore Fest. The 20 minute set is a rager in all senses of the word as pulse pounding guitar chords and an all out percussional assault are only matched by the audiences intensity. A rush of random punks storm the stage only to dive head or even feet first into the crowd without consideration. You’ll notice early on, most of the growling vocals come from the unrelenting drummer Jami Morgan. The band has stated that with the name change from Code Orange Kids to Code Orange comes “a very new era for our band.” If their recent performance is any indication of the ‘new era’ it looks like more heavy hardcore is in the works. Their sophmore album I Am King drops on September 2nd and is expected to be their best yet. Watch the video of their live performance and don’t be surprised if you start moshing with your unsuspecting co-worker. Tickets for their show on September 15th at Los Globos are on sale now so pick them up now punk!