Converse CONS PROJECT: LA launches TOMORROW!

February 20th, 2014

Converse CONS PROJECT: LA launches TOMORROW!

As previously mentioned, IHEARTCOMIX is very honored and very thrilled to be a part of the Converse Cons Project: LA, a three day workshop with a focus on teaching kids the skills to take their creative ideas to the next level. We are one day away and things at 828 S. Main St. are certainly getting very exciting. For those of you who are still unfamiliar with Cons Project, Converse has teamed up with some of today’s prolific creators to inspire this next generation of Artists, Musicians, and creatives around the world.

We’ve gone ahead and provided some more details for the Los Angeles event. Take a look below to see what’s going down this weekend.


Friday, February 21 – Art Battle Workshop – 6pm to 9pm
Art Collective, Secret Battles, will lead the workshop which will feature 5 rounds of tag team art battles between each participant. One kid draws then swaps for the next kid to complete the drawing. Youthful collaboration at its finest.

Saturday, February 22 – DIY Workshop – 11am to 5pm
Sam Velde, The Nuge, and the homes from Burger Records will be giving kids a crash course in DIY culture. During the workshop, participants will learn skills to help them promote their own band/brand. There will also be on site screen printing courtesy of Hit & Run, with tons of t-shirts, album covers, posters, and stickers for kids to create their own merch lines.

Saturday, February 22 – Music Video Workshop – 11am to 5pm
Director David Black will lead a hands on discussion in music video creation and teach kids about the creative process using the CONS EP track by Harry Fraud & The Internet as a template. The workshop will focus on editing techniques, treatment writing, and BTS production processes.

Sunday, February 23 – Zine Workshop – 11am to 5pm
Our friends Remio, Alexander Spit, and Brick Stowell will be on hand to help kids create their own zines! Each kid will be given two pages to work on with their photos and artwork to be scanned, printed, and added to one collective zine to call their very own.

Sunday, February 23 – Skate Video Workshop – 11am to 5pm
Skate Video Producers Six Stair will be on site with the Converse Skate Team ready to help the kids up their film game and turn the skaters into movie stars. The workshop will focus on shooting three different video scenes of various skate obstacles, all captured by the kids and gopros.

Sounds like fun doesn’t it? Kids these days get to do so much cool stuff, and it is great to see some of today’s cultural leaders taking the time to share their knowledge with kids who may not know where to get started. Shoutout to Converse for not only providing this next generation with the tools they need to create while also providing that extra bit of sole for them to take their first steps (get it? c’mon!).

For more information on registration for CONS Project: LA, head HERE.