fbpx Creator's Project presents: Meet the Creators w/ Araabmuzik – IHEARTCOMIX
May 10th, 2012

For those of you that are unfamiliar, The Creator’s Project was founded by Vice and Intel with a focus on supporting visionary artists who are using technology to translate their visions into reality. The Creator’s Project aims to redefine the limits of creativity by challenging the scope of possibility and innovation.

Recently, the Creator’s Project featured an exclusive piece on beatsmith and MPC master, Araabmuzik. Known for his unparalleled talents on the MPC, Araabmuzik has redefined the what can be done with an MPC, using the 16 pads as a live instrument rather than just a sampler; effortlessly producing beats on the fly with his rapid fire dexterity and dynamic beat structures.


IHEARTCOMIX is pleased to bring Araabmuzik to Emo’s East in Austin, TX on May 12th. Joining him will be MSTRKRFT, Bird Peterson, and Applied Pressure.

Tickets are available HERE.