fbpx Crush of the Week: Alessia Cara
September 9th, 2015


Sometimes the biggest surprises come in the smallest packages…

This much is true for the magical and powerful Alessia Cara, a teen from Canada who’s vocal ability and lyrics carry a punch as heavy as a swing from Mike Tyson and who may give Drake a run for his money in the coming years as the “coolest Canadian”.¬†You would never guess her youth or look from hearing the words of her first single “Here” alone, but as you dig deeper in her story it all makes sense making her a prime candidate for a crush.

A little Amy Winehouse, a little Rhianna and an attitude all her own,¬†Alessia represents a strong theme in this next generation of artists: a love of pop music & soul, but on their own terms, as a personal expression and an intentional lack of the pomp & circumstance of old. She is her and that’s OK. No over styling. No glamorizing. Just Alessia and all the troubles of being her that come with it.

I wish I’d found Alessia when I was 17. Her lyrics are brutal honesty and explain so much of what I couldn’t figure out about the girls I liked at that age. Why or why couldn’t you ave saved me earlier?? Now all I can do is look from afar and revel in the comfort that finally there are mysteries explained.

And finally, my favorite part of this week’s crush goes back to that attitude of being herself. What she talks about and how she acts sings that she’s here for the love of the music and art and not only for some of the benefits that come with being successful. It’s a shame that most people don’t realize that if you’re good and in it for the right reasons how much more of the ‘good stuff’ will rain down upon you.

Keep it up Alessia, I’ll be watching and rooting from the other corner of the party.

Alessia Cara – “Here” Music Video:

Alessia Cara – “I’m Yours” Music Video:

Alessia Cara – “Seventeen” Music Video: