June 23rd, 2015


After a brief 2 week hiatus ‘Crush of the Week‘ is back!

Some crushes you can be content to have from afar and long over the possibilities, some you need to make mixtapes for (like actual cassette mixtapes with hand-made art). Colleen Green falls into the latter.

I listen to her music and I think to myself, why can’t we be hanging out in one of our bedrooms together playing records and talking shit about all the kids at school? She’s the living personification of a mix between Riff Randal and Daria, EXACTLY the type I would have wanted to be my best friend during any era of my life and definitely the type I would have tried way too hard to impress with over researched music knowledge and intricately made cassettes, constantly trying to attain her attainable cool. Maybe she would have been secretly impressed? I’ll never know.

What I do know is that she make delicious Ramones and Weezer (Pinkerton era) inspired pop punk songs, solo I may add. She climbs on stage with a drum machine, sunglasses and an attitude delivering a show full of the best punk dreams. She hails from Boston and lives in LA. She has a sweet new album out recently on Hardly Art. She’s rad.

Anyone who quotes ‘True Romance’ is a gold star in my book. So, Colleen, care to listen to my mixtape?

Colleen Green – “TV” Music Video:

Colleen Green – “Pay Attention” Stream:

Colleen Green – “Taxi Driver” Music Video: