April 9th, 2015



Not to make this article to personal, but typically if people bring up the origins of IHEARTCOMIX, everyone always talks about my punk, DIY roots, but the reality is, it wasn’t punk rock that got me into music, it was dancing. Specifically Top 40 Radio of the 80s and 90s. My first record was ‘Bad’ by Michael Jackson. My daily intake of music growing up was Bell Biv Devoe, Bobby Brown, TLC, Boys II Men, Prince, Mariah Carey, Salt N’ Pepa and just about everything in between. Shit, the first concert I ever saw was Paula Abdul and Color Me Bad! I wore cross-colors and even shaved a KK in the back of my head for Kriss Kross in Junior High School. I sported the one dangly earring, Hammer pants and silk, paisley shirts. The 90’s were my time. It’s where I discovered everything I love about music! So, it’s no wonder when I stumbled across JUCE! I feel head over heels in love.

It’s not just that JUCE! captures the essence and style of those times so well while also blending in some modernization to the music (ala Hot Chip or even LCD Soundsystem), it’s that they are really fucking good all the way down to the coordinated dance moves. These girls know how to move and have more soul in each of their pinky fingers than you’ve probably seen before in your life.

There is something romantic on their take of the era. It reminds me a little of the original British invasion where acts like The Rolling Stones took American R&B and made it into their own version of Rock N’ Roll. I sense the same here. It’s not a trendy thing. The music they make is full of love and isn’t just a reflection, it’s an appreciation to a point of creating something new. That’s important.

I may have missed the boat on there 2014 whirlwind of releases and videos, but boy and I pumped I discovered JUCE! over the last couple months. Expect big things from them later in the year, but for now, bask in all their video glory…

JUCE! – “Call You Out” Music Video:

JUCE! – “(H)ours” Music Video:

JUCE! – “6th Floor” Music Video:

JUCE! – “Burnin’ Up” Music Video: