February 25th, 2015



Sometimes if you wanna have a good time, you need not just one, but two hot dudes, some might call them ‘hunks’.  In my time of need there is only one pair that comes to mind, NADASTROM. Consisting of Dave Nada, a long haired wild-cat with a chest that stretches on for miles and Matt Nordstrom, the billionaire’s son whom the character of Tony Stark was based off of, these guys make some of the most thought out, forward thinking dance music on the planet. HUNKS indeed.

I can barely imagine the magical land that these two strapping men must hail from. A land where it’s 4am all the time except on holidays where the locals turn on the sun and celebrate some ritual they call “Moombahton Massive“. Having created an entire genre of music themselves and reigned supreme as the ‘Wyld Stalyns‘ of an era, they’ve seeming left that mantle behind for now in order to trek on a new odyssey of their own… THE QUEST FOR DESTINY!

Yes that’s right. If ever there was a more justified quest in the ages, this is it. Having created a masterpiece with their first full length release, the self-titled ‘Nadastrom‘, they’ve shed the skin of the last few years and emerged anew, glistening and delicious. The album feels like that feeling of being up all night and discovering a new lover on the dance floor, gyrating until the sun rises and then finally landing that kiss. It’s both romantic and dangerous, exploring the worlds of techno, house, acid and putting their own unique touch on everything in between. It’s more than dance music, it is a demand for their new throne. Really, there’s nothing sexier.

Listen to my crush’s music below, beginning with my fave song from the record, then cheer on these hunks to reign above them all! And boys, if you’re looking for a good time, call me.

Nadastrom – “Somebody” Music Stream:

Nadastrom – “Nadastrom” Full Album Stream:

Nadastrom – Diplo & Friends BBC Radio Mix: