Crush of the Week: Polo & Pan

February 13th, 2017

Crush of the Week: Polo & Pan

MMMHHMMM you like the smell of this new website? We’ve been saving bringing back Crush until the time was right and this it. What better way to kick things off then with some French delicacies, oui? Polo & Pan are that sweet flavor you’ve been waiting for…

Comprised of two Parisian solo artists, Polo and well, Pan, who come together to produce something akin to magic, these guys have my panties in a great big bunch.

They have an amazing sound that simultaneously takes me around the world and across the cosmos. They open up my mind in a way that allows my dreams to come alive. It’s just the right dose of pop electronic mixed with texture. Not too French touch, but enough to know it’s there. You can tell they’ve set their sights on more than the expected while creating a sense of wonderment that makes you want to travel to Netherland with them.

I found them in the best way, on a whim. No publicist, manager or unsolicited facebook message. This was the classic pretty girl walking down the street and you chase her down for her number. This is me smitten with a new artist hoping to ask them out.

Their latest release, Canopee, showcases their best work and wide range. A little less techno inspired than their previous releases, each track is so strong you forget that there are only three of them, opting to listen on repeat instead. I love them.

Polo & Pan, can we hang out?