February 23rd, 2016


There is something about music by smart people that is so damn attractive. QUALIATIK has the brains to school most and the musical sense to make the hits. She may very well lead the pack in terms of setting the standard for the generation to come.

Musically her sound sits somewhere in the range of Grimes, PC Music and Empress Of┬ábut there is a unique quality that set hers apart. Might be the slightly goth undertones or the hint that this is a soundtrack to a larger world. Either way, what makes it her stand out to me is that I know she’s the one creating this entire universe for herself all the way down to literally designing it.

This past week QUALIATIK released a BitTorrent bundle that has been a runaway success with over 800k downloads to date. Not only do you get some col music and sweet photos, but she literally coded an entire virtual world for you to download and explore. Her own personal land with a soundtrack of herself. That’s pretty damn cool.

This is the description:

Today, BitTorrent hosts the debut of her new game developing work in the form of an interactive, labyrinthine gallery. The game turns a lens inward for both her and the player by investigating how we sculpt our identities as we process the mass of information constantly hurtling toward us on the internet. Dig into the bundle for tracks, stems, art, videos, exclusive cinema 4D files, as well as an essay she wrote on the neuroscience of musical chills. QUALIATIK is a poster child for a new generation of DIY artists who build entire worlds for their art using the tools (and identities?) they developed and nurtured in the palms of the world wide web.


I’ve got high hopes for this one. Can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.


Qualiatik – Interactive Bit Torrent Labyrinth Demo: