February 18th, 2015


I’ve always been attracted to the most unique thing in the room. Be that member of the opposite sex or a piece of art or even a food dish, it’s where I gravitate to. There’s something truly magnetic to me about an object just owning what it is and standing out from the crowd. Common thought is to extinguish those that don’t conform, but I’d rather feed the flame and make it my friend. To me, that’s where all the secrets of the universe are hidden. Those are the people that figured it out. Stealing Sheep are those people to me and boy am I head over heels for them for it.

While their earlier records are more on a psyche-folk vibe, their soon-to-be-released on Heavenly Recordings new album “Not Real” is a much more refined album that not only moves them forward, but firmly shoots them into outer space, probably occupying some other dimension while challenging the very laws of the space/time continuum. I mean, it plays very much into the theme of the album where the title is to be taken literally and the world that’s presented because of it is anything but. It’s like a musical version of the ‘Twilight Zone’ in the best way possible. Added synths, song writing with elements in common with Metronomy and Gary Numan as well as an artistic vibe capturing the spirit of Monty Python create this new generation of Stealing Sheep that stands shining brightly from the corner embodying that certain something I mentioned above.

While my currentĀ infatuation with this trio is virtual, I can’t wait until I actually find myself in the same room with them, slowly weaving my way through the crowd in their direction. It’s artists like these and moments like those I live for. With any luck the rest of the world will feel this same attraction to them (and maybe the already are with their latest video just debuting on UK’s The Guardian). In the meantime, they are my ultimate crush and I lay for you below morsels of goodies so you can fall for them too…

Stealing Sheep – “Not Real” Music Video:

Stealing Sheep – “Not Real” Album Teaser:

Stealing Sheep – “Rearrange” Music Video:

Stealing Sheep – “Shut Eye” Music Video: