March 3rd, 2016

It’s not everyday you fall in love. Around this time last year Tangerine came swooping into my life and it was like I was stung. They’ve lingered and haunted ever since and I never want them to stop!

Hailing from Seattle and featuring two sisters and a rad dude, they make some of the best indie pop rock of the modern age. Their music is instantly familiar, yet all them. Modern, yet capturing influences of so any of my favorite 90’s underground and indie bands. You could have easily heard them on the soundtrack of ‘Chasing Amy’ or ‘Reality Bites’, but the best part is you can probably see them in a town near you pretty soon.

I knew there was something special about them right away. First the intro came from a friend who typically works with hip hop artists and I could tell he was smitten. Once I heard the music my heart was captured as well. They got me. Tangerine went on to do a few things with IHC in 2015, blowing me away each time.

Now they’ve released a new EP called “Sugar Teeth” ┬áthat is super killer. Check it out now and thank me later. :)

Tangerine – “Sugar Teeth” EP Stream:

Tangerine – “Tiny Islands”

Tangerine – “You’ll Always Be Lonely“: