April 2nd, 2015

the eversons crush feature

You ever have one of those experiences where, as far as you know, you’re totally happy in life at the moment. You’re living it, can’t really think of anything else you’d want, you’re favorite shows are all on TV and you’re fave band just released their best record. You’re cool. It’s a beautiful day out. Life’s simple.

Then, one day you decide to try the new coffee shop that opened up down the street. It’s a innocent enough choice, but what you don’t realize is that once you walk in and see that cute girl working behind the counter, everything is going to change. That perfect, happy life you’ve been living? Gone. That moment you stumble upon you’re next love and suddenly you realize there’s been a big, gaping hole in your life this whole time… that’s how I felt when I discovered The Eversons!

Found innocently enough through a cold call from the band direct to my email requesting IHC post their video, I was so happy I decided to give them a shot and check them out. Hailing from New Zealand and embodying everything I love about 80s bands like The Cars or The Romantics, while also checking all the right boxes from 90s Brit Pop artists like Supergrass or Blur and also a little tint of AC/DC with their theatrics, I was just tickled. I can’t tell you how many self-made playlists I already have full of exactly this kind of music.

From what I can tell, these guys are trapped on their small paradise of an island waiting to take the world by storm. All the hard work is done. I’ve heard the forthcoming self-titled full length album and it’s GREAT. Don’t be surprised when you stumble upon them too and they change your life.


So ya, I found my cute girl working in the new coffee shop and it’s The Eversons. Watch below.

The Eversons – “Emily” Music Video:

The Eversons – “Emily” & “Stuck in New Zealand“: