October 31st, 2013


We have a new website and with that must come new columns!!

Crush Of The Week‘ is a new weekly column I’ll be writing about a new artist that I’m super into. I’ve been sitting on this idea ever since we came up with the concept for the new IHC.com, especially with Chela in mind. I’ve literally had her soundcloud link open in my browser for over 2 months just so I could debut this column about her.

The column is about whoever is getting me excited that week, boy or girl, although it’s meant to be a bit more about infatuation, the ‘whole package’ so to speak. It’s doesn’t need to be the latest news, the hottest artist, none of that, just whoever catches my eye (and maybe my fancy) at that particular moment.

This week, Chela is the one. As stated above, she’s actually captivated my imagination for months now. Her songs are so dreamy. Sweet, melodic odes to romance and life all falling very much within that Australian pop/dance vibe. I think she does it better than most, even capturing some of that Fred Falke magic that comes out on his best tracks. Her voice is great, fantastic even and best of all, every song is a hit!

The last two months I’ve longingly watched her videos over and over. She has a great sense of style and I’m totally in love with her ambitious and slightly awkward dance moves, especially in the video for ‘Full Moon‘, where the cameras follow her around dancing in headphones to her own song in public places.

I’m surprised she isn’t a bigger artist yet, but she still seems new to the scene. Her recent single on Kitsune, ‘Romanticise‘, should help change that. In the meantime, the fact that she isn’t everywhere makes the whole experience feel that much more special. I’ve missed the days where you discover an artist on your own and hold on to that for a while as you watch them grow. Now a days it’s almost always an instant explosion shared with a mass awakening. A comment on one of her YouTube videos I think captures her best, “Her music is like a special little secret.” I couldn’t agree more.

I love her. Chela, will you be my Crush of the Week?

Check out several videos below or listen constantly to her Soundcloud page HERE.