November 8th, 2013


For my second installment of my new weekly column ‘Crush of the Week’, the spotlight turns towards a recent discovery and new favorite of mine: THE PREATURES!!

The Preatures are the kind of band I want to jump around in my bed in my underwear with.

I came across this band a few weeks back through a random recommendation from a friend. He’d ran into them at a bar and said they were ‘really nice’ and that I should check them out. Because of what I do, these types of messages are fairly common, and as much as I try, it’s nearly impossible to follow up every lead. Every now and then, one just feels right, and since this friend had never let me down before, I dug in and boy was I pleasantly surprised.

Hailing from the great down under (OZ), The Preatures create music that includes elements of Fleetwood mac and Prince while hanging on dearly to the humor and attitude The Darkness had in their best moments, all the while feeling like a fresh, new act. I wouldn’t call them dance music, but their music makes me want to dance. I get a big smile on my face and it gives me the feeling of if I was on a dance floor right now I’d ask that girl I’ve been staring at all night to cut the rug.

I was impressed with the music off top, but like any artist that captures the imagination nowadays, it’s really about the whole package. It was their videos that sealed the deal for me. While still early in their career, their latest EP, ‘Is This How You Feel?,‘ (which I feel like really established who they are as a band and is a departure from their beginnings) and the videos that accompany it, set the stage for the greatness to come. They have a style to them that speaks directly to the type of feeling, humor and vibe that is directly in the IHC and Demonbabies wheelhouse (so of course I like it). Despite the post effects that are so up my alley, it’s the band themselves that win. I watch these guys and I think “This is a band I want to hang out with,” which I guess confirms why my friend felt so compelled to introduce them to me in the first place. I also am captivated by singer, Isabella’s wry smile as if she’s in on a joke the rest of us could only beg to be a part of.

In the end, The Preatures win if for no other reason than their charm. I can’t wait to see them live to see if they live up to the fantasy I’ve created in my head (no pressure!). At the least I look forward to running into these guys somewhere down the road and challenging them to a good time. I suspect they’ll be around a while…