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I saw her from across the room and she was like magic….

That’s how I felt the first time I saw ABRA. I didn’t know who she was and I wasn’t aware that I was familiar with her music. I walked into a local venue to watch Empress Of and she was on stage before. I was infatuated right away. Who was this girl with her moves and her groove and her voice?? She was confident, graceful and fun…

And then it happened. She played ‘Roses’. I said to myself “I know this song!”. It had been floating around my iTunes, scavenged from a time after my laptop was stolen. I never bothered to find this artist, I just liked it. I was blown away when the mystery was finally revealed and there she was, right before my eyes.

If a name like ABRA doesn’t stand for magic there must be something wrong with this world because that’s exactly what she is. Her new EP, Princess, continues on the tradition that ‘Roses’ started. Heartfelt upbeat soulful jams that draw inspiration as much from such classics as Evelyn King and Debbie Deb and modern ladies as Erykah Badu or Grimes. She’s a good time and yes for the third time, magic.

I’ll always hold that first experience close to me. It was like a one-sided summer romance all in my head. That’s OK, she doesn’t need to feel the same, she just needs to keep putting out those sweet jams.

ABRA – Crybaby Official Video:

ABRA – Fruit Official Video:

ABRA – Come 4 Me Official Video:

ABRA – Roses Official Video:


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