July 29th, 2014


Girl, whatever it is you are doing with your hair… keep it up!

I never want to boil an artist down to their looks, but it’s what first caught my attention with BANOFFEE. Gliding through the morning’s emails I came across a PR blast that included a link to her new video and the image that accompanied it intrigued me enough that I pressed further. I’m glad I did, as with many artists I end up falling in love with, I randomly stumbled across her, discovering something new.

Her latest release, ‘Got It‘, fits somewhere nicely between the How To Dress Wells & Chet Fakers of the world and Lykki Li. She’s tough, has the vocal chops, makes upbeat, yet soulful jams and seems to have an affinity for hand-to-hand combat. The video for ‘Got It‘ is mesmerizing in it’s simplicity and beauty. I was just as entertained watching the images in her glasses as I was looking at her face.

This lead me to check out her other tracks, which while the songs and videos are almost equally as great, I was disappointed by the lack of bleach blonde bob. Ha. Again, I’d never fully judge an artist by their looks, but damn does it work! Stick with it, Banoffee, stick with it!

I’m excited to see what this lady does next and hear her put out a more substantial body of work. She seems to be very early on in her career, but she’s already snagged my ear. More to come…

Banoffee – ‘Got It‘ Video:

Banoffee – ‘Ninja‘ Video:

Banoffee – ‘Reign Down‘ Video:

Banoffee – Mixtape for 2 Times: