February 14th, 2014

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┬áIt’s a special day, Valentine’s Day.

It’s the day that secret crushes reveal themselves. The day someone works up the courage to ask someone else out or reveal a secret desire. It can also be a day of celebration. So for this week’s crush, it’s little bit of both all in the form of Bleached.

It’s difficult not to find a boy in the rock n’ roll community that doesn’t have a crush on these fine ladies. They write infectious guitar pop gems typically centered on their own longings and crushes. Every new song is a bonafied hit. They tear it up live. They are just super fucking cooooolll.

There’s really no other band more perfect for a Valentine’s day crush reveal. Bleached, will you be mine?

Check out some sweet videos including their new one released TODAY!

BLEACHED – “Guy Like You” Video:

BLEACHED – “Think of You” Video:

BLEACHED – “Love Spells” Video: